Really excited to be doing school pictures again this weekend! Twice a year is just right for us... I promised the 4yo we would do some wardrobe changes and background changes and I may even get them both outside if the weather cooperates. If you're in the area and want someone to shoot your kids, call or email and we'll save some time for you, too!

April's monthly special is posted, but remember the weekends book up quickly.

May is going to be all about Mother's Day - pictures of the kids, grandkids, the whole family, or even just her. Mom is the center of the universe for most of us, why not show her off a little? She deserves it!

Hope to hear from some of you soon!
Halfway through this class offered by the local camera store, and my confidence wavers. I don't feel I executed  the assignment very well, but I guess we'll see what my classmates have to say. If nothing else, I cannot lose because I will learn from their evaluations.

Then yesterday, I shot my 2-yr-old in her Easter dress. Nothing worth posting (she had a 15-minute nap and was CRAZY,) but it really re-affirmed that I can take really good pictures - maybe not of the Reno Arch, but other things.

At the end of July, barring some natural disaster or financial crisis, I'm headed to North-Central Colorado for time with my best friend. I haven't seen her since before Kathleen was born. We are WAY overdue! Hope to come home with some fabulous pictures of the Rockies and leaving her with memorable family portraits. She has four kids from 2 to 16, so I'd like to do individual portraits as well as group shots in a number of locations and themes. Also, her youngest sister is getting into photography and I really look forward to shooting with her!

Let's close on the note asking for your comments on this website. If you find a page doesn't work right, or if you have suggestions on how I can improve, please use the comment form! Thanks!
Someone should have mentioned that my portfolio page wasn't working - LOL! I think I have that fixed, now. Please take a peek and see if it works for you?

Been sick with some crappy upper respiratory thing that the kids brought home. Yuk... Hope it clears up before next week's class.
Jenn sure made my job easy this last weekend in her maternity session. There were some very minor color corrections, but really all I'm doing is cropping, selective color and B&W... all the really fun and creative stuff. I'm glad she left the mustache belly picture up on her Facebook, because that is really cute!

I should have these laid out in a day or two and can get the CD to the expectant parents. Once they've had a chance to work with them, I'll post a few in my portfolio.

If anyone from the shower is reading this - my schedule is fairly open. Give me a call if you are looking to have family, kids or even pet portraits done. Thanks for reading!

While prepping for my last engagement shoot, the bride-to-be was showing me some examples of what she wanted. We were huddled over her iPhone and I realized she was look at Pinterest.

If you don't know what "Pinterest" is, I can't say if I'm shocked, or jealous... is an online collaboration of things you like. You sign up, create "boards," and "pin" images to these boards as you find them... both on Pinterest or the rest of the web.
"On Pinterest?" you ask? "What does this mean?"
You can choose to "follow" other people with similar interests and when you log into Pinterest, you initially see all the recent pins of the folks you follow. So if they have pinned somethign you like, you "repin" it. There is a function you can install on your browser that allows you to pin images you see as you are floating around the rest of the web, though there are some restrictions - ie: can't pin directly from Facebook.

On the down side... It's really, really easy to look up and find out that an hour has gone by and you've done exactly NOTHING. But you now have plans to mix your own homemade laundry detergent, redecorate the kids' rooms and will cook something amazing this weekend. Oh, and you've seen about a thousand images of exotic locations that you just repinned to your "Someday" board.

Makes my eyes hurt just thinking about the hours - no, DAYS I've killed flipping through Pinterest!

Anyway, cut back to my engagement session... I ask her to create her own board of pictures she likes and I will follow it so I have an idea of where to go once we get into our session. This was brilliant! I knew exactly what she wanted without having to translate her words and risk getting it wrong!

I will now instruct all my clients to utilize Pinterest to get the most out of their sessions. And I give many thanks to Photogenic Possibilities, from Sierra Vista AZ, for turning me on to it in the first palce! (visit her page here: