Is it just me, or has the website been acting strangely? Can't say exactly why I feel that way, but I do... Let me know if you guys are experiencing any issues, please?

Had a few wonderful sessions with some great people, lately, and will get some bits up in the portfolio soon. I've decided something desperately needs to happen with my laptop - it is just entirely too slow for the work that I do! Don't have the money to replace it, so I'm going to have to call in some favors and get the hard drive cleaned up. Those of you that are waiting for your CD, please bear with me as it takes at least half an hour to edit any single image.

The Annular Solar Eclipse was really cool this last weekend. I tried to shoot it through some welding glass and will put up my shots on the Facebook page. Mostly, I just tried to enjoy the spectacle and made sure my kids got to look safely at it for a moment. Bring on 2045 so I can have another go at shooting it! Maybe by then, I'll have a really great zoom lens that will capture some awesome details? Ha, ha!

Hot August Nights is just around the bend, as is the Reno Rockabilly Riot. I hope to get shots of some great vintage cars and beautiful people at both events! Maybe I'll see you there!