Halfway through this class offered by the local camera store, and my confidence wavers. I don't feel I executed  the assignment very well, but I guess we'll see what my classmates have to say. If nothing else, I cannot lose because I will learn from their evaluations.

Then yesterday, I shot my 2-yr-old in her Easter dress. Nothing worth posting (she had a 15-minute nap and was CRAZY,) but it really re-affirmed that I can take really good pictures - maybe not of the Reno Arch, but other things.

At the end of July, barring some natural disaster or financial crisis, I'm headed to North-Central Colorado for time with my best friend. I haven't seen her since before Kathleen was born. We are WAY overdue! Hope to come home with some fabulous pictures of the Rockies and leaving her with memorable family portraits. She has four kids from 2 to 16, so I'd like to do individual portraits as well as group shots in a number of locations and themes. Also, her youngest sister is getting into photography and I really look forward to shooting with her!

Let's close on the note asking for your comments on this website. If you find a page doesn't work right, or if you have suggestions on how I can improve, please use the comment form! Thanks!

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