Everyone else is doing it... why not?

Right now, page views on this website are sky-rocketing thanks to some exposure from new clients. I'm grateful to Lindsay and Drew for allowing me to shoot their engagement session at Zephyr Cove (watch for a few new shots in the portfolio soon.) As chilly as it was, we had a great day and I'm super happy that you are pleased with your results! Congratulations on your destination wedding - may Jamaica envelop you in her beauty and exotic wonders! :)

Second, I had a great afternoon recently with two young sisters, alike in stature, but very different in personality. This was more of a challenge as I had to constantly adapt my approach depending on which one I was shooting. What worked great for  one, wasn't always perfect for the other. Still, we had tons of fun and I will use them again as my Guinea Pigs when I need to work on new techniques. They were both natural models and more than willing to do anything I asked... while all the time coming up with unique ideas of their own!

With a brand spanking new Canon T3i and two weddings already pending for the summer, 2012 is off to a great start. Part of my New Year's resolution was to really embrace my photography and DO more with it. This includes entering into more contests and challenges. I'll keep you updated as that actually happens (I've only entered one so far and did not place, but I know I didn't give it my best effort.)

In the meantime, please enjoy my portfolio and the lovely images at 500px. I look forward to feedback from my visitors, so don't be shy!

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